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Training Today's Business Professionals

We develop, train and guide professionals of all levels to better understand themselves, their teammates and their clients. Whether it be through one of our sales training programs, our leadership seminars or our team assessments, we have the tools to help you not only survive but excel.

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What is Sandler Training?

It’s a simple concept that’s at the core of the Sandler Training method: Learning to ride a bike takes time and practice. It’s a process that typically includes a few bruises and skinned knees. But over time, you get less wobbly – and eventually you’re zooming down the street with no hands.

For more than 50 years, this philosophy has helped address a wide range of business issues in sales, management and leadership. Its success over that time led to Harvard incorporating the Sandler Training sales methodology into its MBA program, and earned Sandler Training numerous prestigious awards and accolades. Whether you’re an individual, small- or mid-sized business owner or work with a large multi-national company, join the 30,000+ business owners, managers and sales executives who will turn to Sandler Training this year for sales training and professional development.

How we can help


  • Learn to sell remotely
  • Understand the sales cycle
  • Fill the sales funnel
  • Effective closing techniques
  • Perfect time management skills to increase sales
  • Set goals – and achieve them
  • Discover how to become a coach and manager


  • Pinpoint sales team's opportunities for improvement
  • Successfully train and manage multi-generational sales teams
  • Learn proven remote-management techniques
  • Create a team that sells on value, not price
  • Improve communication between sales team and clients 


  • Provide interim sales management
  • Reduce employee churn through effective hiring
  • Train customer service teams
  • Diagnose areas for improvement through assessment
  • Develop a culture of servant leadership
  • Identify challenges before they occur
  • Become a destination employer

Only by risking failure can we accomplish anything great.

Mike Montague - No Guts, No Gain


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Who we are

Knoxville News Sentinel past president Frank Rosamond has partnered with veteran sales trainer Steve Herzog to expand on the 25+ years of success of Sandler Training in East Tennessee. Combining their more than 60 years of practical and instructional experience with the Sandler sales system, Frank and Steve are here to help you navigate the unprecedented challenges that businesses are facing today.

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